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About Secure Tools for Working at Height

Secure Tools for Working at Height supply tethered tools, for all industries that work at height. our tethered tools can be supplied individually, as standard kits, or as bespoke kits with just the tools that you require, nothing more, nothing less.

We work with international tool manufacturers like Unior, Norbar, Estwing, Stabila, Trelawny, Bristle brasher, Hi Force to modify their tools to be DROPs compliant for offshore and onshore usage.

Our tools are suplied globally and we permanently engrave the tools with unique ID's so we can trace the manufacturing history of each individual tool and tool component.

Our customer base include Rope access companies, Drilling Contractors, Inspection companies and maintainance teams, scaffolding companies on and off shore.

Additionally we problem solve with our customers, and approach each task with an open mind to match our technical skills with eth project requirements for tehworkers actually carrying out the task, whilst being involved with these tasks we have developed additional products like DROPs nets, secondary retension programs that complement tools at height.


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