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An effective safe system of working with tools at height requires the risk assessment to be carried out and the correct stoptools for that task to be used. It is essential to use the correct lanyard for the tool and working environment. Our range of lanyards and bags are designed for ease of use and manufactured to prevent a correctly attached lanyard being attached to a tool that is too heavy.



  • Small hand tools up to 0.5kg can be used on wrist straps. Wrist straps must not be used near moving or rotating equipment.

  • Tools up to 2.0kg can be attached to the worker via a belt, harness or bag

  • Tools over 2.0kg must be attached to a suitable point on the structure, ideally overhead to reduce the distance a tool can fall before the lanyards stops the tool.



  • Lightweight Kevlar are coils are designed to be used with tools up to 1.5kg, these are available in various lengths to accommodate different tasks. The lightweight Kevlar coils will not stretch beyond their stated length, they reduce user fatigue and always return to their original shape and length. If these coils are over loaded then the inner core becomes visible indicating replacement is necessary

  • Web lanyards can be used on all the standard hand tools up to 6Kg supplied by secure tools, heavier tools will use a wire lanyard, supplied in different lengths and strengths.

  • The stainless steel screw-gates are required to be secured completely to maximise the strength of any lanyard.

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